Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lost Sundown

Finally, an episode of Lost that lives up to my expectations. I was seriously starting to believe that this last season's big finale was going to be sucking itself into a black hole. There have been moments, such as the European History Teacher Ben Linus reveal, but things have pretty much scraped their way through several episodes that should have been done in one.

But, I don't write, produce, or star in a TV show, so what do I know.

I can't say that Sayid is my favorite character, but I think the episodes centering on him are some of the best. This one had action, drama, action, romance, action, a significant crisis that didn't involve Kate screwing everything up for everyone else--although I have to express my disappointment over the episode not ending with Claire marching out with Kate's head in a pram--and a parallel universe plot that didn't bore me to tears because it had action in it. They even included one of my favorite Perry Como songs (not that I have a lot of them).

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