Sunday, March 27, 2011

This disaster happens. Big earthquake. Big tsunami. Big nuclear power plant problems. And, where does it all happen?


Of course, I think I'm clever when I imagine Godzilla rising from the deep, awakened from his slumber by the radioactive water pouring into the Pacific ocean. Perhaps he'll go on a rampage, stomping Fukushima into oblivion like a toddler smashing toys in the sandbox; or maybe he'll rise from the water as a savior, feeding on the radiation and saving the island from a surprise attack launched by an alien race once known in Ainu mythology as "Star Crabs".

Then I'm reading Io9 and I discover that I'm not so frakking clever after all. I'm just normal, like everyone else.

The Internet ruins everything.

At least I came up with Star Crabs.

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