Saturday, July 14, 2012

Not Garden State

I watched Garden State. I liked the movie.

There is nothing particularly significant about me watching the film other than the fact that before it started I was dead certain I had seen it before and thought it was pretentious crap, however once it got going I realized that the soundtrack was completely different, the actors were not the same, and the plot was much more enjoyable. However, part way through the film a major plot point surfaced involving a dishwasher latch, and I thought, "wait a minute, that was a major plot point the other film I watched, which is not this film because it had different actors and a different soundtrack and sucked." So, I kept watching, and near the end of the film another scene involving the lead actor and his father and the idea of forgiveness came up, and I thought, "holy crap, this scene was also in that other film with the different actors and crappy soundtrack and contrived plot. What's going on here?"

Anyone else on the planet would tell me I did see the film before, possibly while I was on some very strong drugs, and I forgot it. But I've never watched a movie on anything stronger than NyQuil and I am absolutely certain the other film was completely different, other than those two salient plot points involving the dishwasher and forgiveness. (I don't want to give any more details because they might spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen the film [or perhaps the not film that I may or may not have watched and confused with this film]).

My challenge to you: find a movie that is not Garden State but has the plot points involving the dishwasher and the discussion between father and son about forgiveness involving what happened with the dishwasher.  

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