Monday, September 2, 2013

You'll have to do Dishes Tonight

Today you bought a mango. They were on sale: 10 for 1 dollar, and you can't pass up a bargain.

You also know that you don't have to buy 10 of anything when it's on sale 10 for 1 dollar. All the items are 1 dollar whether you buy 1 or 83. So you bought 1 mango.

You had no idea what to do with 1 mango, but you were standing in the produce section with 1 lonely mango in your hand, so you also bought 1 onion, 1 bunch of cilantro, 3 serranos, 2 habaneros and 2 limes.

This was more produce than you planned for, since you only went into the supermarket to return 1 garden hose. As you picked up 1 plastic carry-all basket, you thought, "it is truly a 'super' market that sells garden hoses and effortlessly makes me purchase more produce than I can carry in 2 hands."

At home, you put all that produce in the food processor. You juiced the 2 limes first, of course. Maybe you added some garlic and salt. Who knows? You don't follow recipes. What came out was the best salsa you've tasted since you left Yuma 3 years ago. No one in your apartment building knows why you left Yuma. They don't even know you ever lived in Yuma, although you're certain your neighbor in apartment 4 wants to ask you about your accent.

The salsa waits patiently in a pickle jar in your fridge. You have nothing to put it on because you purchased 0 corn chips at the supermarket. You think, "not so super after all." But you keep opening the fridge and opening the jar and taking tastes. You pull a clean spoon from the drawer each time you open the jar. Almost all 8 of your spoons are now piled in your sink.

You'll have to do dishes tonight.   

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Anonymous said...

So I turned to your stories this evening and kinda freaked out over your voice and your "thought processes" to my great surprise and delight. Read a whole bunch, loved the poem about shorty and his afterlife. .. great discovery. . .