Monday, November 1, 2010

Gilbert Fun

I've found a new favorite actor of the moment...Alex Price. I was watching season 1 of Being Human, which I was sure was going to be such a big fat cliche (it is) that I could suffer through a few episodes and then safely ignore it, but the Gilbert episode ruined my plans. Now I have to keep watching for at least another three episodes simply because Alex Price was so darned good in it. And it's the only episode he's in. That's how much of an impact he made. (Yes, the writer and director and music all helped too.) Fortunately, he's not done a whole lot yet, so I won't have to spend ages catching up with his work, but I hope he'll have a plethora of parts in the future. I went back and found him in the "Vampires of Venice" episode of Doctor Who (not one I recommend), and it looks like I'll have to watch Merlin now too.

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