Friday, January 28, 2011


I've finally found someone other than OK GO to plug in my blog. I'd never heard of Hollerado until I was perusing Spin magazine's article about viral music videos. The bulk of the article was about OK GO's video model (you knew there had to be an OK GO connection here somewhere, didn't you?), but there was a sidebar about other bands who've done videos on the cheap that lured a huge audience. Here's Hollerado's "Americanarama":

Hollerama's technique has a purposeful "cheap" to it, but the execution suggests professional production. (It's shot at 1/4 speed, so the whole "one-take" claim is a stretch.) Whether it's amateur or pro, it's entertaining, which is all I really care about while I'm getting my YouTube fix, so these guys get my applause and an embed.

(I'm really glad there are bands out there making nifty music and videos to go with it so I have something to blog about.)