Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time Travel

Bess is a time traveller from 1973. She is something like 19 years old but it is hard to tell because she is stuck in the body of a 59 yearold woman. She cannot return to 1973. She can only travel forward in time.

She enjoys the advanced technology of the future. She carries a small gadget that allows her to communicate with people almost anyone around the world face to face using a built in camera. The device gives her data on the environment. It tracks her movements on a map and shows her where other people are in relation to her.

Bess spends her evenings watching live images of people in another state competing for cash prizes by cooking a meal with mystery ingredients. When she first arrived in the future, she felt depressed in the evening. Now she simply takes a pill that equalizes her emotions so she no longer feels the despair sawing its way into her spine.

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