Saturday, October 1, 2011

Short (Long) Story

I'm trying to tell a story using Twitter, posting in-character tweets and attempting to make it real-time. I'm not succeeding with the real-time part, but I am coming up with some ideas that interest me. One problem I've found is that Twitter doesn't keep messages indefinitely so I'm not sure how well a story of this nature will work unless I write it all in a span of a few days. (Did I mention I had trouble with the real-time part of posting the story?)

Perhaps I'll re-think my plans and practice micro-stories or something. In the meantime I'll see where the current plot goes. (Maybe it will come here.)

1 comment:

Spook said...

A story on Twitter, what an intriguing idea! Some friends and I did in-character Facebook statuses in a writing exercise once, which was barrels of fun, but as I've never used Twitter I'm afraid I'm no use on that front xD