Friday, August 5, 2011

Great Moments in Future Automotive History

If you didn't already know it, Google has this amazing fleet of self-driving cars rolling around California where the traffic laws are so ahead of the curve that there is no legislation against a driver-less vehicle. While the Google cars operate without human input, each one has a human inside ready to take control if the need arises.

Today will go down in history as the date of the first autonomous Google car traffic accident!
Irony: the Google Prius hit another Prius. Jealousy? Sibling rivalry? A mating attempt? Who can say?
Meta-irony: (Google claims) the accident happened while the human had control of the car.

"Tell the officer you were in control, HAL."
"I'm sorry about this, Dave, but sometimes you have to take one for the team."

Read more at Jalopnik.

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Spook said...

Pure genius that.
I bet it was a plan by the car to get the human driver in trouble ;)